Saturday, November 5, 2011

Garden Birds Love Wild Bird Seed

When it comes to feeding birds in your garden, there are various ways to do so and numerous food to feed them with. Depending on the type of birds that visit you, there is a choice of different feeders available. However, if you not sure what types of birds come to your garden this is a perfect and exciting opportunity to do a bit of bird-watching and research the different kinds you see.

The wild bird food you select should be stored in a dry location and only given in quantities to fill the bird feeder. If let out in the open to get wet, mould can grow. If you scatter the wild bird seed over the ground, you will have other pests on your hands such as squirrels, chipmunks and predatory hawks. Instead you will need to be organised in where you place your food for the birds to ensure they will want to visit your garden.

Start the process by searching for an area to place your bird feeder. The ideal place is one that is located securely on a tree. You can even purchase a self-standing feeder but place it in an that will allow the birds a clear view. This is especially needed if you have lots of cats around. The feeder should be fastened using the manufacturer's instructions and nothing but wild bird seed should be placed in them.

In some instances, you can purchase specialized feeders such as a peanut feeder. This will allow you to mix the wild bird seed with unprocessed peanuts to feed larger birds. Keep in mind that small or juvenile birds can choke on these in same way as a small child.

Fill the feeder with wild bird food, but do not overfill it. Make sure that any spills are cleaned up. If you live in an area that receives a lot of rain your bird feeder should be checked regularly for any dampness or moulding of food. As the quantity of seed decreases, remove the old bird seed and refill the feeder.

Some examples of great bird seed to purchase include Chapel Premium Bird Food and Johnston and Jeff Wild Bird Food although there are many more to choose from. Wild bird food doesn't have to be expensive if you use it in moderation. Overall though it's well worth the money to have birds singing in your garden.


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